Community Action Party opposes Far-Right March Demo

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Far-right Demonstration Fury (Wigan Today) -


Police Prevent right-wing march trouble (Wigan Today) -


Letter published Wigan Evening Post 08/08/2013




"Dear Editor,

I am responding to your article WEP 6th Aug 2013 "Right-Wing March Trouble Avoided" in relation to the march that took place in Leigh town centre on Saturday 3rd August.
I must congratulate Greater Manchester Police for helping to keep good order at this event ensuring there was minimum disruption, violence and criminal damage. Having seen the video online by Wigan Today it is clear this march had absolutely nothing to do with immigration but was merely a rally to stir up racial and religious hatred against certain minority communities.
Our party Leader, Peter Franzen, has a long proud record of opposing racism, prejudice and discrimination in all its forms and it is no surprise to me when I heard of Peter's efforts where he clearly put himself at risk to ensure one of the thugs were apprehended by the police.
Racism, religious hatred, prejudice and discrimination has no place in a tolerant and inclusive progressive society.
I am proud of Peter's continued stance on this subject which are values entrenched in our party."
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party"

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