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The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Michael Moulding sets out his vision for a Poverty-Free City !

The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Michael Moulding sets out his vision for a poverty-free Salford. Michael Moulding accepts that there is only so much that can be done to alleviate poverty in the city as many aspects of life are in the hands of central government and their policies.

However, Mike Moulding does believe local government does and should have a major role in alleviating poverty, combating poverty, helping to lift Salford families out of poverty. Mike says "Its a vision we should aspire to, a poverty free city. We may never achieve it but that does not mean we should not try. Poverty blights peoples lives. In can affect a child's upbringing, it can be a route to crime, it can stem from homesslessness, ones housing condition's, worklessness and disability. It can be as a result of family breakdown"

Mike continues "Poverty can have a devastating impact." Mike recalls his own experiences of poverty as a child born on a Council estate in Preston in the 1960's. "Often I had to go to the shop and ask for "tick" as a young boy or on many occasions we had to do without electricity because my mother had no money!" This upbringing and experience albeit at the time was hard to endure, Mike believes these experiences have given him the values he holds so dear today.

Mike Moulding says "For decades I have helped people claim their benefit entitlements, helped people get rehoused, removed them from homelessness. I have worked to help homeless people in the cities of manchester, Liverpool, Preston & others. I have supported drug addicts, people with disabilities, single-parent families and many others into a better quality of life. It can be done."

Those values as Mayor Mike Moulding would bring into every aspect of Council life. Mike Moulding would immediately ask the Council to develop an Anti-Poverty Strategy for Salford.

The aims and objectives of Salford's Anti-Poverty Strategy would be to :-

Help Salford People and Salford Families stay out of poverty.
Help Salford People and Salford Families get out of poverty.

Services would be developed in Salford to achieve these aims and objectives. Examples of how this can be done would be :-

To develop Council services that are affordable to Salford People and Salford Families on low incomes.
To develop services to help people get out of poverty by providing an adequate welfare, housing & homelessness advice service.
To improve life and work chances of young people through training, work and education.
Better youth services.

Mike Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "If someone is out of work on Job Seekers they should not be excluded from accessing Council services. If they want an allotment and one is available why cant they have that rent-free ? If they want to borrow a book from the library and visit the library during winter to stay warm then I welcome this. Why should Salford not have values that say in our city no Salfordian will be sleeping on our streets, you need a roof over your head we will provide it. If DWP are giving you a hard time claiming your entitlements to benefits which means you cannot feed your family, we will help you get those benefit entitlements."

Mike continues "There is so much we can do as a city to help Salford people and Salford families get out of poverty, to stay out of poverty and if elected as your Mayor this will be my number 1 priority." END

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Anti-Politician 04/21/2012 16:01

What strategies do you have to bring much-needed jobs to Salford ?