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The Community Action Party on the internet.

The Community Action Party originated from the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan when Construction Industry Expert Peter Franzen formed the party from a group of community activists in 2002 which at its height produced 18 councillors in Wigan and brief electoral success in Salford.

The party has regrouped and recently held its annual general meeting when Michael Moulding from the city of Salford was elected its Deputy Leader.

Michael Moulding stood in the recent Mayoral elections to help the party grow and get established in Salford and came second in the 2012 local elections in Swinton North.

The party has set itself aims and objectives as the Community Action Party is a registered political party with The Electoral Commission. We are therefore a UK wide political party with the intention of seeking support where ever its exists.

The Community Action Party is a peaceful political party and we oppose oppression. The party is against wars in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and is opposed to the oppression of Palestine.

The Community Action Party has a new Facebook page to connect with all our supporters not just in Wigan, Salford, Greater Manchester, the UK but worldwide.

Our new page is titled "Community Action Party" or copy and paste the link as follows :-!/pages/Community-Action-Party/298142923616412

We also have a new Twitter page as follows again titled "Community Action Party" :-

Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party says "We are having to diversify our communication methods to spread our messages, principles and policies and beliefs, which we believe many will support. Please join us."

Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader says "I have taken on responsibility to broaden our support base because our party has ambitiouns to make a difference. This will help us reach other area's and in no doubt will keep us in touch with not only our local communities were we are active but far and wide and as a result the Community Action Party will field candidates, in future years for elections, far and wide."

You can now join the Community Action Party both on Facebook and Twitter where have our offical pages.

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