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Colin Brewer is an independent councillor in Cornwall.


He has been responsible for saying children with severe disabilities should be put down and comparing them to deformed lambs.


The remarks are so outragious I reported him to Devon & Cornwall police, as did many others.


 BBC - 


Following this he stood again in May 2013 and was unbelievably re-elected.


His remarks continued -


He is now being investigated by police.


I have been in liaison with Disability Cornwall and I have received the following response from them as follows today 16th May 2013 :-


"Dear Michael,


There has been a great deal of activity from literally thousands of people during the past week or so in relation to Collin Brewer, and as requested by our members, here follows an update of all the salient points:   

 ·         Cornwall Councils leaders of the political parties released a statement distancing themselves from Cllr Brewer and his opinions.


·        After receiving many complaints, the Devon & Cornwall Police are now pursuing an investigation.


·        There is a Facebook page for people to show their support for disabled people and their families in Cornwall and to have a voice and share their thoughts. It had 3065 likes at the last count today. It is extremely well managed and moderated by James Ball and others.

Through this page, people are organising another peaceful protest outside County Hall, Truro on 24 May at 10.30am and welcome everyone who support this to join in.


·        There are many petitions, but we do need to coordinate our signatures, as we would need to reach 100,000 signatures to have our issue debated in the House of Commons. This petition is one of the current top 6 ‘trending’ petitions and currently has 4760 signatures. We need to encourage everyone to sign it who supports our cause.


·        In response to queries concerning why Mr Brewer was allowed to stand for re-election, it appears that Councils have no powers to prevent people from standing for local elections unless they are; employed by them or hold a politically restricted post, have been declared bankrupt or been sentenced to at least 3 months imprisonment during the previous 5 years.  


The reason why Mr Brewer was not suspended from his position in February when the original complaint about his comments came to light, was because the new Localism Act which came into force during this complaint process, stripped the power away from councils to suspend councillors who breach codes of conduct. DC are now calling for this Act to be reviewed by the Government.


 ·        On Friday 17 May 2013 Jonathan Dimbleby presents political debate and discussion from Fowey in Cornwall with Conservative Vice Chairman Michael Fabricant MP, Labour's Housing Minister Jack Dromey MP, Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne MP and the writer Jackie Malton who was the inspiration for Lynda La Plante's character DCI Jane Tennison in Prime Suspect. DC have put forward a set of questions for debate which have to be approved prior to being invited to attend, they are: 



1.   A Cornwall Councillor resigned last February after suggesting that children with disabilities should be put down.  He was recently re-elected and has reiterated his feelings, likening disabled children to farm animals, saying “If (farmers) have a misshapen lamb, they get rid of it. Bang!”

2.   It is no surprise that these views are echoed by others, but it is particularly frightening that they may be held by those who have the positions and the power to make life and death decisions.

3.   It seems that, when it comes to discussions about the burden on the public purse, we have all clearly been having the wrong conversation.

4.   His points are about more than the "cost" of care versus the cost of public toilets or pot-holes in the road. They address the wider issues of local democracy, free speech and hate crime.

Have we embarked on that slippery slope of deciding who should live or die based on their cost to the public purse? We start with our disabled children and then who next?


Thank you for forwarding both your letter to the police and it’s response to us. We’ll see what comes of the police investigations.


Best wishes




Danielle Roberts

Business Services & Admin Officer

Disability Cornwall & Isles of Scilly Ltd

Units 1G/H Guildford Rd Industrial Estate


Cornwall TR27 4QZ"

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