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I have received information that that there is a possibility that the War Memorial in Clifton, opposite The Robin Hood and the War memorial at Agecroft adjacent to The Henry Boddington's could be relocated to a central location near Salford Civic centre.


I cannot breach the source but the information was provided to me by a longstanding elected representative of the town who was seeking my thoughts on the matter.


I think his main views were that he wants to move the idea forward because he believes our cities Civic Dignatries and others are able to pay their annual respects to as many of the cities war dead as possible where at present the annual ceremony takes place at Salford. He did give other reasons.


Firstly, I must commend the councillor concerned for seeking my views as he said I was a recognised community worker in the area and felt my views were worth seeking. I have to say that this approach makes a refreshing change.


His view was that he was in favour of moving these two memorials to this central location.


I accept the view that our fallen commemorated on these two particular memorials may not in themselves be directly commemorated each year by having civic dignatories visiting each and every memorial in the city and I do think that as many as possible should be commemorated directly by having our First Citizen paying their respects directly at their memorial.


Do I think the answer for this to be done is to move the memorials ?


The Clifton memorial commemorates Clifton's war dead.


The Agecroft memorial commemorates the miners that lost their lives in war whose livelihoods primarily were working in pits.


After careful consideration my view is that the memorials should remain intact where they are in respect to the deceased, the area and town's history, where these heroes came from and the reasons for the commemoration at the locations concerned.


However, I do feel in view of this enquiry that a new commemoration should be erected, nothing too extravagent where all our fallen are inscribed from these two memorials so that our First Citizen and other dignatories are able to pay their respects to all the cities war dead in one ceremony. To anything otherwise is not really fair.


What do you think ? I have not passed my views on yet because these are my initial thoughts and would very much welcome feedback.


I can be emailed on   0161 7948483 or facebook me Michael Moulding The Community Action Party


I will of course make public my final view for what it is worth and pass this onto the councillor concerned out of respect for the fact that he took the trouble to contact me and seek my opinion.

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