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Community Action Party candidate for Claremont unveiled as Matt Andrews from Swinton !

The Community Action Party is proud to announce the candidature of Matt Andrews for the ward of Claremont in this years local elections.

Matt has lived in Swinton, Salford for many years, is aged 32 years old and is a Warehouse Manager at Swinton's local supermarket.

Matt has become very unhappy recently, especially with the proposed removal of a burial ground in Swinton for another supermarket which Matt says we do not need.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "We are pleased to support Matt's candidature. He is a well-respected gentleman in the local community and is a familiar face around the town working in a major store in Swinton. He would make an excellent councillor for Claremont."

Peter Franzen, Leader of the Community Action Party says "We are delighted to support Matt's candidature for Claremont and he clearly has the ability to represent Claremont excellently."

Matt Andrews from Swinton in accepting the Community Action Party's nomination for Claremont says "In recent times because of Mike's endeavour's in highlighting issues affecting us all, I feel I need to get involved so that local people are able to have a better choice of candidates that are not career politicians and candidates that will stand up for their communities nomatter what. I am delighted to be chosen and it is a great honour. I promise to serve the residents of Claremont to the best of my ability and put them first !"

You can follow Matt's campaign for Claremont on Facebook at "Matt Andrews for Claremont ward, city of Salford". END

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