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Andy Burnham turns his back on City Status for the Borough of Wigan -


Letter sent to Wigan Evening Post for publication


"Dear Editor,
In 2002, the Lancashire town of Preston was awarded "City Status", a rare honour granted by HM Queen, to celebrate her Golden Jubilee. I was privileged and proud to be an elected representative in Preston throughout the period of the long campaign which lasted many years and was hard fought for.
I am in no doubt whatsoever, that the Lancashire Evening Post being at the forefront of the campaign played an instrumental part uniting everyone in the Borough to get behind the bid. Prestonians, community groups, councillors, Members of Parliament, the Mayor - from ALL political persuasions, backed the campaign because we knew that to be granted such a honour was a privilege and we also knew the benefits of "city status" were extremely beneficial.
Against the odds the Lancashire town of Preston became a city in 2002.
"City Status" does not provide a magic wand and resolves a Borough's economic woes overnight. However, being a city elevates a Borough on the regional, national and international stage which does result in huge private sector and government, as well as EU inward investment.
Recently, various cities across the UK have been awarded "City Deals" worth hundreds of millions of pounds of government inward investment which have included Liverpool, Manchester, Birmingham, Leeds, Bristol, Preston, Newcastle, Sheffield and many more.
The Borough of Wigan deserves these same opportunities. It is time Wigan stopped being in the shadows of Manchester and fight our corner as we do in sport.
For these reasons, Wigan's Community Action Party is proud to be leading this campaign and why we are so disappointed that some leading Labour politicians in the Borough do not share the same vision as we do.
Yours Sincerely
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party"

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