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I have put on the political agenda "City Status" for Wigan.


I have submitted a government epetition for it, as well as a drastic cut in councillor's to produce working councillors not overpaid, idle councillors.


My petition says:-


"Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council

Responsible department: Cabinet Office


That government and HM Queen, at the earliest opportunity, grants "City Status" to the Metropolitan Borough of Wigan.

That a "new" Wigan City Council is given all powers to control its affairs of local government.

Wigan's size, ancient history, population, Lancashire roots, rugby and football are all reasons to grant "City Status".

The economic benefits of "City Status" to the Borough of Wigan from both the private sector and government are massive and would bring a sense of civic pride to its people.

We ask government to reduce the number of councillor's in Wigan by two-thirds leaving one working Councillor per ward.

This two-thirds reduction would save the taxpayers of the Borough anything up to £2 millions PA."


To sign the petition -


I have written an article for the Manchester Gazette - 

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