"City Status" for Wigan - Letter sent to WEP 20th May 2013

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Dear Editor,
I am completely astonished at Lord Peter Smith's response to our campaign for "City Status" to be granted to the Borough of Wigan (WEP May 20th 2013).
To quote Lord Smith "There is no chance of this getting numbers to have debate in parliament..........."
Is this really the best he can come up with in relation to this ambitious proposal for Wigan, which if successful, would give the Borough a massive boost in terms of economy, civic pride, regional, national and international importance ?
If there was ever a time to support the Borough of Wigan it is now. Wigan deserves "City Status". It has all the attributes of a city and therefore why should Wigan miss out ?
Lord Smith reckons we will not get the signatures required. As the WEP editorial has said "never say never".
I can inform Lord Smith the Community Action Party, which is based in this Borough, will be fighting for every single signature over the next 12 months and we urge everyone to sign the online petition "Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council" - http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/50086 so Wigan can fight to become a City.
Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party

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