City of Salford's White Elephant No 1

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My earlier blogs indicate why we need a new Leader at Salford City Council and why Councillor Merry, unelected Leader of Salford Council should go.


In my earlier blog I said we need Councillor Merry to go or we will ie our Council will go bust.


Salford Council is £600 million pounds in debt and much of this debt is because we have been paying in the tens of millions to build the infra-structure for media city uk, Councillor John Merry's "baby" the legacy he is trying to create for himself.


I wrote my previous blog a few weeks ago.


In the last few days it has been highlighted nationally what a white elephant Media City UK has turned out to be. Salford was again nationally ridiculed in The Sun, The Daily Mirror and on regional news TV programmes were our own MP Hazel Blears sais she was shocked by such devastating news.


But they were told and warned. Salford people kept telling them we want our money to benefit Salford people. No - our Council tax money was used to create media City Uk and in fact money we have not even got ie our debt to create this "legacy" where Salford people were promised opportunities that in the end turned out to be a load of pie in the sky.


The reason for more national ridicule of Salford is that of the thousands of vacancies that existed, Salford people only secured 26 of them, of which 10 of those are 6 month jobs at less than £5 per hour.


Tens of millions of our tax money to create a "legacy" for our unelected leader which we are paying for now and for many, many years to come in terms of the massive debt and interest payments on that debt which must be millions each year as it is.


And we got 26 jobs of which 10 are less than £5 quid per hour !


And the latest prediction ? - Even some BBC employees themselves dont think the BBC will stay ! They are renting the properties at Media City UK which means if they dont like it here they can go back down south. I wonder how much of that depends on whether Media City becomes part of manchester or not which is now widely known to be predicted ?


Salford's "White Elephant No 1" where our money in the tens of millions has been used to create Media City Uk of which 26 Salford people have reaped some benefit.


Such a joke it made national headlines. The man responsible for this shambles has to go surely when national media from newspapers and TV ridicule our city as a result ? 



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