City of Salford's Shame !

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

Salford TUC in all but name supported Ian Stewart to become the city's first directly-elected Mayor of Salford.
Ian Stewart's campaign was supported by Unite the union by providing him with resources which achieved his election victory. Salford TUC are now organising a meeting to try & unite the left in manchester & Salford but have done nothing but support the Labour party in Greater manchester who have implemented savage cuts and put forward candidates like Ian Stewart who voted for the Iraq War and voted against an investigation into the Iraq War which many believe was a government cover up.
Salford TUC representatives stood side by side with Warmonger Ian Stewart at a May Day rally in Salford. Is this an example of the left's hypocrisy or do they possess the same values of Ian Stewart who in his vote for the Iraq War was responsible for the death of millions ?
Shame on Salford TUC, Shame on Unite Union !

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