Circle of Remembrance

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The Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground are holding a circle of remembrance and full details are available by clicking the below :-!/events/169038269881870/


The remembrance is being held on Saturday 24th March at 12.00 noon and everyone who is opposed to the removal of the deceased resting at the burial ground and for the preservation of the burial ground are urged to attend, to express support, pay our respects and to send a massive symbolic gesture to Grimleys, Asda and Salford Council that we are opposed to the removal of the burial ground and the remains of those resting.


The idea is that as many people as possible turn up at 12..00 noon on this day 24th Match and we will all be holding hands encircling the burial ground as a circle of protection.


Other initiatives are being arranged through other voluntary organisations like a piper playing music which will be applicable to the occasion.


We anticipate the occasion will no more than take 15 minutes of your time.


Please as many as possible attend the Circle of Remembrance on Saturday 24th March and send a powerful message to those that we are opposed to the removal of the burial ground and to pay your respects. Many thanks for your support.

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