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The Community Action Party is starting a "Buy Local" campaign in the town of Swinton & Pendlebury, where small business, self-employed and small enterprises and the local community in SWinton, Pendlebury & Clifton come together to support each other.


The town of Swinton will be shortly having another major supermarket on top of existing supermarkets which puts many small busienesses at risk.


The Community Action Party in Swinton organised by Michael Moulding, is introducing the scheme where if it succeeds, local people sign up, receive literature about small businesses in the area and an opportunity for small business to advertise their products, services and offer competitive prices to local people.


The Community Action Party believes by supporting local business by helping them to survive, flourish in our town and connecting them to SWinton townsfolk will give a much needed boost to business and their customers and the town they serve.


Michael Moulding has considerable experience of "Buy Local" schemes in Preston which gave a great boost to all those that took part.


Once enough local people join in the campaign, local business will be given free advertising on our parties publications in return we hope they will advertise their products and services and sell them at competitive prices for local people to enjoy in return.


Buying local supports local jobs, local produce, local business, local residents and boosts your town !


Our activists will deliver other literature to help small business and we hope to start a window advertising campaign in the town.


Michael Moulding will approach as many small business in the town to inform them of the scheme but first we need as many local people to take part.


If you live in SWinton, Pendlebury, Clifton, Wardley, Worsley or the surrounding area's join our campaign on Facebook and once the campaign reaches 1,000 members the Community Action Party team will roll out the campaign in full by persuading local business in the town to take part.


The campaigns Facebook page link below :-!/groups/BuylocalinSwinton/ 


Email - mouldingmichael@gmail for more info



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