Association of Greater Manchester Authorities

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Association of Greater Manchester Authorities

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party mayoral candidate for Salford is calling for the city of Salford Council to immediately take steps to withdraw from the Association of Greater Manchester Authorities (AGMA). If Michael is successful in the forthcoming Mayoral elections, Michael will immediately review our arrangements with AGMA with a view to supporting its abolition.

Michael Moulding believes that AGMA is fast becoming another tier of government where they are desperately looking at ways of interfering with ordinary peoples lives with more bureaucracy, legislation and expense to ordinary people, for example the real possibility that Greater Manchester could be one of the few regions to impose a minimum pricing policy for alcohol, which penalises the many for the irresponsible few.

This initiative has the full support of the Community Action Party and Peter Franzen (Leader)says that "AGMA is another tier of government we don't need and don't want, and I have asked Michael, in the event he is elected onto Salford City Council to begin steps to have this organisation abolished."

Michael Moulding says "In the event I am successful I will immediately order a review, look at how Salford is affected and look at ways of ensuring Salford taxes, support Salford services and Salford jobs."END

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