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Asda Planning application update - Press Release

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

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Press Release from Michael Moulding of The Community Action Party
Campaign to Save a Swinton Burial Ground makes progress !
Campaigners that want to retain a Swinton Burial Ground are taking their concerns to Asda. As previously reported, the burial ground at the former Swinton Unitarian Church, on Swinton Hall Rd which has resting 313 people including a War Grave are meeting with representatives from Asda next week to express those concerns.
Michael Moulding from The Community Action Party contacted senior representatives from Asda Supermarkets and set up a confidential meeting to take place next Wednesday 29th February.
Those attending from the campaigners to preserve the burial ground will be Dorothy Tildsley author of "Remembrance - Recollections of a Wartime Childhood in Swinton, as well as Harry Tildsley, Emma Harrison from Salford War Memorials Trust (SWARM), Sue Tydd Friends of Salford Cemetery Trust, Mr Rodney Cadman surviving relative of the deceased that rest in the burial ground, Lizzie Leek a local historian as well as Michael Moulding who has set the meeting up.
The campaign to preserve the burial ground is a community-led initiative although it was Michael Moulding that led the campaign as reported in local media. Michael Moulding wants the campaign to preserve the burial ground to be owned by the community as this is the best chance of being successful.
With this in mind Michael Moulding has arranged the first friends meeting of the burial ground to meet who have an interest in the preservation of the burial ground. Anyone interested in the preservation of the SWinton Unitarian Church Burial ground are invited to the first friends meeting to be held at 5.00 PM on Wednesday 29th Feb 2012 at The Red Lion Public House in Swinton (corner of Moorside Rd).
At this meeting the "friends" group will be officially formed with its key objectives of preserving the burial ground, caring and looking after the interests of the deceased, relatives, and the historical importance of the land to the Town of Swinton.
The "Friends" group will then in future lead on any campaigns, idea's and initiatives in preserving, restoring, caring and cherishing the burial ground in respect of the deceased and for future generations of Swintonians & Salfordians.
Michael Moulding of The Community Action Party states "I am not against an Asda supermarket. I am for the retention of a very important piece of Swinton's history, to respect the deceased, care for the land and acknowledgement of the presence of a World War 1 War Grave. We are about community action. We identified this cause, a worthy one which we want the community to take ownership of. This is the best chance we have of preserving the land. I have arranged the meeting with Asda directly because they are the ones that have to explain ultimately to the town as to why they have insisted on the removal of those resting in peace and am sure like all right-thinking people, a way should be found to preserve the burial ground and if people want a supermarket have that too." END
Michael Moulding - The Community Action Party 07593908699
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