Asda Planning application - Update

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Update :- Asda Planning Application

I am starting to collect information about the deceased at this burial ground and can confirm soldiers around the WW1 period are buried at the former chapelyard of The Swinton Unitarian Church. I am told that any distant relatives are now being located to inform them of any proposals. I am in NO doubt the developer WILL try to seek any family member support for these proposals and removal of the burial ground but without it will proceed anyway. They will use arguments like job creation etc etc. 

I will be visiting the Salford Local History Library next where a full record of the deceased is kept and any supporting information. I will try to get full details of any deceased soldiers that rest in peace at this site and what their role may have been at time time eg World War 1.

I will be from next week handing out several thousand leaflets at the precinct over several days just informing Swintonians that the land in question is a burial ground because I believe due to time etc the vast majority of the town either do not know or have forgotton over time. I will be informing people of our campaign and Facebook page.

I will engage with Salford Council, Asda and the developer as best I can and will arrange meetings which maybe protest meetings in due course to object to the proposals.

I am not anticipating any progress on the application ie decision wise in february but maybe in March. I will be producing & delivering in 5,000 batches limit 15,000 leaflets to every household in Swinton informing people of the plans to remove the burial ground and the 313 people that rest in peace here and informing them on moral grounds I disagree with what is happening.

I believe the idea from Lizzie Leek of a remembrance garden is an excellent suggestion which should be pursued.

In the event that Asda proceed and permission is given by Salford City Council then as a minimum I would support an Asda but the retention of the burial ground.

If Asda proceed and permission is given by Salford Council which includes the removal of the burial ground then I believe the person/s responsible will be held accountable at election time in May 2012 for betraying the people of this town.

I sincerely hope it does not come to that.

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