Asda Planning application update

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The developer for the planning application for the new Asda supermarket GVA has telephoned me back.


They have confirmed their plans DO involve the removal of the burial ground at the former Swinton Unitarian Church where bygone Swintonians lay in peace.


The developer has confirmed to me that they have tried to design a plan where the burial ground remains undisturbed but they are not able to do this. They said it is not feasible.


They have said in recognition of the fact that the burial ground is proposed to be removed, a plaque will be placed within the new plans for the store, in the area to commemmorate the church and those that lay in peace there.


I informed the developer that I believe that it is disrespectful to those that lay, their families, to Swintonians and the town of Swinton to remove the deceased without looking at all other options first. They have said the application submitted to the Council for consideration includes the plans as outlined and they will not change.


I informed them about the view that we think it may be a done deal ie the footpath being resurfaced from No 11 Chadwick Walk onwards some months ago when 1 to 10 Chadwick Walk will be demolished to make way for the new store and the develpoer said this was deliberate because they are hoping the application will be successful.


I told the developer that whilst any superstore may or may not be good for town, it is in their interests to offer the townsfolk of Swinton a gesture of goodwill to local people for our support.


I have informed the developer of The Noah Robinson monument and the restoration that is required to this monument. I informed the developer of the importance of the monument to Swinton people and its town and that Swinton people see this piece of history and resonate themselves as Swintonian with this gentleman that did so much for Swinton people.


The developer has confirmed to me that they will definately consider my proposal to look at restoring this piece of Swinton's history in return for our town supporting the Asda project.


Please let me know what your thoughts are about the matter.



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Rob Harvey 01/13/2012 20:57

Excellent idea, in the first instance if Asda and the council have already decided that it is going ahead and it looks like they have a show of good faith would be a goodthing. The other thing we
need is information on who and what is buried at the back of Swinton Precinct as there are many conflicting stories, ive been told there is a Soldier buried there if this is the case then Asda have
absolutely no chance of touching the site for obvious reasons. Also did everyone know that Asda is actually Wall Mart ?

mikemouldingcommunity-action 01/16/2012 11:22

Very true Rob and many thanks for the information. That is something I will definately look into.

David Kozomara 01/13/2012 17:40

I think if the Asda people want to get us Swintonians onside some kind of financial support for the new stadium for Swinton Lions would be beneficial for us all.The Agecroft project is very close
to a planning application and will benefit schools and sports organisations across Swinton and Pendlebury.It will be a community facility.Personally I cannot think of a more fitting gesture from
the supermarket giant than helping bring back our towns famous rugby team to where it belongs.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 01/16/2012 11:22

I totally agree David !

David Kozomara 01/13/2012 17:23

I would suggest that Asda lend their support and provide some financial backing/sponsorship towards the proposed new stadium for Swinton Lions at Agecroft.Im led to believe the project is very
close to a planning application being submitted with a sixteen week completion target once planning has been improved.This will be a community stadium that will benefit Swinton people not just
Swinton Lions.I can think of no bigger boost for our town than having our team back where it belongs.