Asda Planning Application Swinton update.

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I attended the Planning Panel Meeting today for the Asda Planning Application at Salford Council. The decision was deferred until further notice. The main issues members wanted to look at in more detail were as follows :-


1) Some members were concerned about the amount of traffic, especially around the proposed development and on Wellington Rd. Members have asked for more detailed evidnece as to traffic (amount of etc).


2) Concerns about the proposed roundabout on Wellington Rd into the customer car park. Concerns on the effect of residents nearby. Also maintenance of the roundabout.


3) Issues of Air Quality especially at the customer car park entrance.


4) members were very unsatisfied about 24 hour opening. This issue to be looked at agin.


5) Times of HGV deliveries impact on residents with times of existing deliveries with existing stores ie Morrisons & Aldi.


6) Pelican crossings.


7) The corner of Swinton Hall Rd and Station Rd infrastructure unable to cope with large vehicles.


8) Consultations with surviving relatives on any proposed comemmoration.


Some members reservations were quite serious in that my opinion is that they need a lot of convincing that traffic is not a problem otherwise they may vote to refuse but they did seem in a minority at this stage.


We are not without hope though for the preservation of the burial ground. The campaign continues.


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