Asda Planning application/Swinton Unitarian Church - Update

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Several interested parties are receiving and collecting various facts and information about the Swinton Unitarian Church and its burial ground. It is very clear that this land has very significant historical value to the town of Swinton. There are 313 people resting in peace at this burial ground and most are Swintonians.


Names of the deceased resting here are available at various locations including the Salford Local History Library and we have confirmed that very well respected bygone Swintonians and their families are resting at this site.


A full list of surnames are on a previous blog and if anyone believes thay may have a relative/ancestor resting here please do get in touch. We know for example, that there may be a Swinton author buried at the site, we believe, a prominant local businessman at the time and members of a longstanding Swinton family lay in peace here and I am in communication with this family, Mr Cadman whose family in previous generations had a family business on Chorley Rd in Swinton.


It is also now confirmed as fact that there is a WW1 soldier resting here Pte William Lomax Blears and is resting here in a family burial plot.


Unfortunately, as Pte Blears is comemmorated at The Commonwealth War Graves Commission site in Manchester. His removal from his and should have been final resting place cannot be prevented on legal grounds. However, many believe there is a very strong moral grounds to oppose the proposal to have all 313 persons resting here removed.


The land up to a few days ago is unsigned and therefore it is wrong that many do not realise the importance and significance of the land so that our current generation are able to respect the land and pay our respects to the deceased.


I am in contact with various people on fact-finding and information gathering - local people, local historians and relatives and I am even in communication with the developer who to be quite frank has in my opinion has no regard whatsoever to our concerns and their proposal was to exhume and relocate any remains to a cemetary in Salford.


When I told him that the last burial was 1962 so these people are Swintonians first ie they passed away before 1974 when "new" Salford was created and asked him why SWinton cemetary was not being considered he said he didnt know a SWinton cemetary existed. He does now.


But I think that reflects the care this company is taking. I'll let you decide what you think for yourself but our generation should in my opinion stop this and protect those resting in the heart of the Swinton town where the vast majority once lived. RIP. 



We have various initiatives planned over the coming weeks to raise awareness as many am sure would be appalled at what is being proposed.

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