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A record of a telephone call with GVA dated 020212


In a lengthy telephone conversation with them today (GVA) the following was discussed :- The sign informing local people that the land is a burial ground was vandalised and removed many years ago and never replaced which means many people have either forgotten or do not know it is a burial ground for many reasons. I informed them I am in contact with relatives of the deceased who have expressed very serious reservations about the proposals IE longstanding elderly Swintonians who have lived in Swinton all their lives and are still in Swinton whom I am seeing in next few days. They have requested I give them details of any relatives that make contact with me and am happy to do so when consent is given to me. Any remains were going to be buried in a Salford cemetery. They were not aware of the Swinton cemetery and I explained that these people resting in peace are Swintonians and it may be appropriate if they are being moved to ensure they are placed in a Swinton cemetery to respect the fact they are Swintonians. They have agreed to look into this something they did not know existed. They will negotiate with all known try to reach agreement once planning permission is given. If planning permission is refused these negotiations will not commence as they are not required. The Disused Burial Grounds Act means relative have few rights after the last burial of 50 years before which does happen to be 1962. GVA have confirmed that in the event that a relative refuses to agree to have remains disturbed with will review the situation at that time which may mean making alterations to the plans which they say cannot be done or abandoning the proposal. However, they have said they will try to respect relatives wishes. They hold a copy of the covenant. I explained no-one else holds a copy and 313 Swinton people rest in peace at this site in the heart of a community where most/some lived and are family plots. I explained we know there is at least 1 Swinton soldier resting in peace at this site and I asked him if he knew whether there were more. he replied he had a list of all names of those resting but was trying to establish how many soldiers as he did not know today. I informed him of the historical importance of the burial ground and referred him to "Remembrance" - "A Wartime Childhood in Swinton" by Dorothy Tildsley where the chapelyard and church were important to the community at that time. Although, the streets around Granville St had been demolished, most/some resting in peace here were local to that immediate locality and was their chosen final resting place. I informed them that Dorothy Tildsley author of the book has sent me a message saying she is proud of what I am doing and must do all I can to prevent the removal of those resting in peace in this burial ground as confirmed to me today by a surviving relative. I have asked for a copy of the covenant or insisted the covenant is made public and informed him the people of the town had a right to see it. I am waiting for a further call. Comments please before I reply further.
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