Asda - No heart, No Soul, Just Profit !

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I have written many blogs about the Asda planning application for Swinton Precinct and decided in my home I would try to stop the removal of the burial ground as a result, because at the time it pricked my conscience.


Undeterred, I proceeded with the campaign and explained that the proposals involve the removal of 313 Swintonians including a WW1 soldier.


Each person resting in peace in the SWinton Unitarian Chapel yard burial ground deserves to be left to rest in peace. However, we would all accept that a WW1 soldier who paid the ultimate sacrifice deserves special respect for that sacrifice and the least we can do is to do all we can to protect the chosen resting place of his family burial plot where he currently lay with his close family members.


So in dealings with Grimleys (GVA) who are dealing with the Precinct area and the planning application for Asda I think the following link sums just about everything up !!!!






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