Allotments & Leisure Gardening by Michael Moulding - 07/10/2012

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My name is Michael Moulding and welcome to my first gardening blog for the Manchester Gazette. I have volunteered to do this blog because I love gardening and want to take any opportunity to promote causes that I support.

For the vast majority of my life I have promoted and supported the allotment movement in the UK. Over the coming months I will give you information about work which I have undertaken in the hope that the information will be of use to those involved in the allotment movement and leisure gardening.

For nearly twenty years I have been a member of The National Allotments Society or for those “long in the tooth” The National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Ltd.

The link to NSALG Ltd is as follows :-

If you have an allotment or you enjoy leisure gardening or you even manage or involved in the allotment movement then I highly recommend you becoming or your association a member of The National Allotments Society. You do not need to have an allotment. You can be just a leisure gardener. The benefits are fabulous.

The benefits as I have said are tremendous but for those allotment holders and societies in times where local councils are always looking for opportunities to dispose of land, its extremely beneficial to ensure that you have someone on your side who has the ability to fight your corner.

I know in Manchester there is a tremendous umbrella organisation Association of Manchester Allotment Societies (AMAS) which has delegated management of most allotments in Manchester.

A link to AMAS for more details :-

Do you ever fancy growing your own fresh fruit, vegetables and flowers and do not have your own garden to do it ? There is no simple solution because of land shortage but it is still relatively easy to get an allotment as long as you have a bit of patience ! I attach a link on how to get an allotment and what you need to do :-

Job for the week

Pot up Hyacinths for your Christmas fragrance.

Its not too late to sow winter onions for your earliest crop next year.

If the weather gets too cold move into the greenhouse any outstanding Chryanthemums (above).

Continue to collect your fresh fruit, vegetables & flowers and look at what you can store for the winter months. Only look at storing the very best quality and regularly check stored vegetables and fruit to ensure they remain fresh.

Collect herbs for drying before its too late.

Rough dig unused land to allow frosts to penetrate.

Its not too late to plant your spring cabbage for next year.

Keep an eye on ground frosts to ensure no damage to existing tender crops otherwise collect them.

Remove all potato stalks and any unwanted debris to limit any disease.

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There is well rotted horse manure available for free just to collect in the Clifton area, city of Salford. For more details email me

Please contact me with any of your gardening problems and I will do my best to answer.

Have a great week gardening.

See you next Sunday Mike Moulding.

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