Allotments for Salford !

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The Community Action Party Mayoral candidate and allotments campaigner Michael Moulding sets out his vision for the Allotments Service in the city of Salford !

The Community Action Party Mayoral candidate and allotments campaigner Michael Moulding sets out his vision for an improved allotments service in the city of Salford.

Michael Moulding has been a member of the allotment movement for the best part of 20 years. Michael has been responsible for regenerating whole allotment sites all over the North West Region, has promoted allotments as a service we should cherish, campaigned for the improved rights of allotment holders, formed allotment associations and has been a Trustee of many allotment sites and associations.

Michael Moulding formed the Swinton & District Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association which with Mike's guidance and support was responsible for regenerating allotments all over Swinton including the Destructor and Townsend Rd allotment sites.

Mike Moulding through voluntary activities secured tens of thousands of pounds for allotments, allotment holders all over the city and Mike Moulding persuaded Salford City Council around 4 years ago to introduce self-management schemes all over the city where associations took more control over how their sites were managed.

The Community Action Party team believe every local council should provide allotments, should affiliate to The National Society of Allotments & Leisure Gardeners Association for their guidance and support in creating what are "green oasis" in urban districts in towns and cities all over the United Kingdom.

The Community Action Party in Salford led by Michael Moulding are committed to the provisions of allotments. We believe they enhance the environment, promote a healthier lifestyle, aid community cohesion, promote anti-poverty initiatives and people just eat healthily, gives people exercise and makes them much happier people !

With all this in mind the Community Action Party will enhance the allotments service in the city and we will immediately order a review of Salford City Council Allotments Strategy for the city to :-

1) Increasing the number of allotment plots and number of sites to ensure no resident of the city has to wait for an allotment plot for more than 6 months of waiting.

2) Ensure all area's of the city have an adequate provision of allotments.

3) The service is reviewed to ensure capital resources are allocated to bring allotment sites up to a minimum standard.

4) Encourage the take-up of self-management schemes throughout the whole city.

5) Create an Allotments Charter in discussion with all allotment holders.

6) That Salford City Council becomes a member of the allotment movement.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "All our Community Action Party candidates support the allotments service and we recognise that the allotments service needs to be given a higher priority in Council provision. A healthier lifestyle and a better environment is worth cherishing and the savings to peoples health, their longevity for life means that we will support allotments in Salford and if I am elected as Mayor will be very high on my agenda of priorities. I want Salford to become the allotment capital of the United Kingdom !" END

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford mayor pictured right.

Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY

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