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I am going to concentrate this weeks blog on the state of local newspapers and internet media in Salford and in the manufactured region of Greater Manchester.


I am very sorry to say but it doesnt make good reading.


Our own weekly newspaper the Salford Advertiser, its sister paper the Manchester Evening News are owned by Trinity Mirror PLC who owns The Daily Mirror.


Supporters of the Labour Party as everyone who takes an interest knows this.


Lets have a look at last weeks Advertiser 19th July 2012 edition.


Page 2 - Labour's Ian Stewart Mayor of Salford.


Page 4 - Labour MP barbara Keeley.


Page 5 - Labour's Ian Stewart again !


Page 7 - Labour's Derek Antrobus.


Page 8 - Labour Mayor Ian Stewart once again.


Page 9 - Labour's Hazel Blears and this time Salford Labour's ceremonial Mayor Bernard Lea.


Page 11 - In the letters page 6 different Labour Councillors named, Jones, Kean, Kelly, Hudson, Hunt & Walsh.


Page 15 - Labour Councillor John Warmisham.


Page 19 - This time its the turn of the Deputy Mayor David Lancaster.


Page 22 - Labour MP Graham Stringer.


Now what beats me about this carry-on is that when you have the ability to add one plus one to make two and tell the Advertiser that they are just biased and have turned into the Labour party propaganda machine they deny the claim and try to imply that somehow you are insane ?


Nothing from the Conservatives, nothing from the Liberal Democrats, nothing from the Community Action Party ! In fact nothing from anyone but the Labour Party.


Is the Salford Advertiser really saying that no-one but Labour politicians are doing anything worthwhile for their communities or has views on matters ? Many of the articles above are just blogs freely given space by a Labour supporting propaganda machine !


What about its sister paper the Manchester Evening News ? Now I warn you I am a Lancastrian through and through, but as the Salford Advertiser realised in their campaign to "Save our Salford" when Salford was not even at risk, many people in SWinton and all over Salford still regard themselves as Lancastrian IE from the County of Lancashire.


Why is this relevant ?


Because recently I highlighted an article written by the Manchester Evening News, sent them a letter which they failed to publish to inform them that they discriminated against the city of Salford in their pursuit of a manufactured region of Greater Manchester. They ignored the fact that in Salford we are a city in our own right, Salford has its own Executive Mayor and in fact the Salford Advertiser did not save Salford the Community Action Party did in our campaign for a YES vote in the recent Mayoral referendum.


The fact is the labour elite in Salford and Greater Manchester did not want the cities of Salford to have its own Executive Mayor ? Their reason being is they want the manufactured region of Greater Manchester to have its own Mayor to rule over the ten Council's that have formed the Greater Manchester Combined Authority ?


The Manchester Evening news has refered to Greater Manchester being a city in its own right which they know to be completely false and in their pursuit of this idealogy in supporting the Labour Party they are doing it with considerable offence to the identities of the different towns and cities IE Salford, manchester, Wigan, Bolton, Bury and others.


In their pursuit of this Labour idealogy in the manufactured region of Greater Manchester, conveniently supported by the labour Party is about the Manchester Evening News trying to control a diminishing newspaper industry over a much bigger manufactured region in the hope they can sell more newspapers ?


MEN Media which includes the Advertiser and Manchester Evening News will learn quickly. A Mancunian newspaper sold in Wigan will not change one's identity or make someone in Wigan anymore Mancunian than a Bolton born & bred Lancastrian ?


Roots go far deeper, one's identity goes far deeper and instead of the vigorous pursuit of a Labour idealogy so they can have an all power Greater Manchester Mayor ruling over us all and MEN can sell their Mancunian newspapers in regions where they have not done so before, they will quickly realise that their offensive approach not only to Swinton people as they quickly realised but to Salfordians and no doubt others in other towns, they will simply just put people off buying their newspapers because of the offence they cause.


My favourite newspaper is the Lancashire Evening Post.


My favourite local media source of information has to be Salfordonline. An internet website giving out local news. I admit I think they too are pro-labour but they do allow independant or other bloggers to input information yourselves as I have done with this article.


Its free to access, they do allow a range of news information to be sent to them. Their only downside is that they do have internet trolls who can be very nasty and vicious which sometimes is hard to control. I have attached their link to their site.


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Anti-Politician 09/10/2012 13:44

Certainly will , Mike.

Anti-Politician 07/25/2012 11:01

Very well said , Mike .
Can you get your petition to reduce councillors more publicity ? It really needs accelerating . I've got friends to sign it , but many more need to be made aware of this .
Let's fight these damned self-serving champagne socialist wasters .

mikemouldingcommunity-action 07/26/2012 14:23

I will do best I can but you spread the word too. Many thanks