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I am pleased to report as we are nearing the end of June its seems Salford Council is now getting on top of the summer bedding planting schemes. However, it does seem unusually late that our summer bedding has been planted just a few short days off July. Also, following my last weeks article, the grass in and around parts of Swinton has been cut again, just a few days after I reported that it had not been done properly on the previous occasion only this time it seems to be an excellent job done.


No-one can deny that I have taken an avid interest in constitutional reform in our city. I campaigned for a directly-elected Mayor system of local government for Salford. The city held a referendum and this change was supported. This got rid of the unlected leader model and replaced it with the mayoral system we have now.


I stood in the Mayoral elections this year and in the event I was successful and I wasnt, I would be scrapping the Ceremonial Mayor position of Salford Council. This city cannot have two Mayors - one with executive powers and the other a ceremonial position. The Ceremonial Mayor position is an outdated privilege supported by our existing elite in Salford because they want the patronage, perks and pomp to continue. Our directly-elected Mayor Ian Stewart says the role will be reviewed in 12 months. More like kicked into the long grass if he can get away with it !


A directly-elected Mayor, the scrapping of the Ceremonial mayor and a two-thirds reduction in Councillors. As reported last week the Community Action Party has started a campaign to reduce the number of Councillors throughout Greater Manchester and in Salford we have already set up an online peition as follows :-


Just click the link or copy and paste and follow the instructions to sign. All you need is an email address. Check out my previous articles "Sack the Councillors NOT the Workers" as to why I believe a reduction in Councillors in Salford is good for our city and the region.


The Community Action Party believes the Greater Manchester Combined Authority should be scrapped meaning Salford's millions given to them can be kept in our city to benefit us our services, our jobs and our city. I have attached a recent article from the Wigan Evening Post regarding these issues that have made headlines in the region :-


The campaign to save the burial ground at the former Swinton Unitarian Church in Swinton continues but once again I have to report that Labour Councillors in the city continue to offend the families of the deceased with their lies, deceipt, offence caused and the way they have treated them.


This conduct this week has led to Councillor Howard Balkind, who is a Labour councillor for Swinton South being reported to Salford Council for his conduct by some salford residents. This is on top of the disgraceful remarks by Labour Councillor Potter who has since apologised I am led to believe and the unapologetic and disgraceful Labour Councillor Antrobus in his pursuit of supporting the removal of 313 loved ones from their final resting place.


If you have not already done so have a read of this weeks or last weeks Salford Advertiser in the classified and the exhumation process is explained a little in this column. Its an utter immoral act of desecration.


I have enclosed an article from BBC Radio manchester which may be of interest and note the offensive remarks by Councillor Antrobus keeping in mind the families who have relatives buried here whom I am representing have made it clear they want their loved ones to stay where they are in peace :-


Regular readers of my articles will know that at the request of the families we are going to seek a judicial review of the decision to approve the Asda supermarket which results in the destruction of the burial ground. Keep in mind the offence that has been caused to families I am representing by Labour Councillors, I contacted the Salford Advertiser to see whether they were interested in publishing a story about our next stage.


Obviously, in everything I do has always been with the interests of the families and their loved ones first and foremost and made it clear to the Salford Advertiser that in order to manage the story as sensitively as possible all communications and agreements needed to come through myself and then myself with the families.


I had made agreement with a family, who on my advise and support had agreed to come forward and reveal details of their family situation.


In the Salford Advertiser's continued pursuit of promoting Labour Councillor's and Labour politicians, they decided to try and link the families I am supporting, with a Labour Councillor in the same article and one who had offended many campaigners and the families themselves.


 I knew this paper were biased in favour of Labour often dubbed "The Hazel Blears Rag" and many other expletives but to the extent that they were prepared to do this when it was labour Councillors that offended and a Labour Council that approved the development of the burial ground that contains their loved ones meant that I was totally aghast, told them so, terminated my conversation with them and advised the families to withdraw which we all did.


I have set a campaign up in the city and elsewhere to persuade people to join a boycott of Asda supermarkets in protest of their plans to remove 313 from their final resting place.


You can join us on Facebook at :-


"Swinton & Pendlebury - Boycott Asda Supermarkets"


In tough times, when workers are losing their jobs, when the Council is facing savage cuts, should Greater Manchester Authorities not ensure that the shares and dividends in Manchester Airport are distributed proportionately according to populations throughout the ten Greater Manchester Borough's.



Michael Moulding, Deputy Leader, Community Action Party


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