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I am starting this weeks article regarding the former Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground on Swinton Hall Rd, Swinton. 313 are resting in this small piece of Swinton which has significant importance not only to the town but to surviving relatives, some of whom I am in regular contact with. The burial ground is at risk of removal due to the proposed Asda for Swinton.


I pay tribute to them, their courage and the torment and hurt some I know are feeling. This is more upsetting as I know of two families who have one family 14 relatives and another over 20 relatives. I couldnt imagine what they may be going through but my thoughts are with them, all those resting and I will continue to fight on their behalf and support them as much as I can until and if the burial ground is removed.


The planning application is being considered by Salford Council on Thursday June 14th and I believe there may be grounds to contest any decision in the form of a judicial review if any of the families are minded to do so.


I wish to emphasise that I am in contact with surviving relatives either directly or through the Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground and all the families have said they want their relatives to continue to rest in peace without being disturbed.


I am putting it on record my disgust at Councillor Antrobus' comment that he says in his opinion that we all would agree the current burial ground is not the best way to remember the deceased. An utterly appalling and insensitive statement to make when the relatives have made it clear they DO NOT want their loved ones remains removed.


I was appalled at the callous killing of Anuj Bidve, the Indian student that visited our city. The way he was killed was the most disgusting crime hence one of the reasons why I believed massive change was required in our city. I am pleased the family will eventually get justice whatever this is and hope all of us nomatter who you are can continue to visit and live in Salford without being the victim of crime.


Many residents this week received their letters from City West Housing Trust regarding the review of service charges and their proposals to increase them and impose additional charges on their tenants. I unashamedly campaigned for a NO vote in the tenant vote and I did this with many years of housing experience. Everything I predicted is now coming true where this housing company are doing all they can to find excuses to rake in as much money as possible and the sad thing is there is very little that can be done about it.


In the coming months my message will be clear. These excessive rent increases are not acceptable. High rents means additional burdens on everyone. I congratulate the group of residents in Eccles who are fighting the proposals and hope this is a start of a tenant fight-back with this appalling housing company.


The Mayor of Salford Ian Stewart has made a shambles of a start as the cities first directly-elected Mayor. Thirteen assistants, the keeping of the ceremonial mayor and ALL Labour councillors. Ian Stewart is a career politician. Hes no different to the rest and in fact in my opinion hes probably worse.


Ian Stewart voted for the Iraq War and voted against an investigation into the Iraq War which many believe was a government cover up. He claimed millions in expenses when he was MP for Eccles and true to form hes certainly looking after his Labour Cronies now hes in power locally.


This careerist eccentric besides keeping jobs for the boys is now reinventing the English Language with words like "Humanagement" in his allocation for an Assistant Mayor for Humanagement. A Labour Councillor has been made an Assistant Mayor in charge of Information technology and who would have predicted it ? All Labour councillors are to go on an IT course at our expense to learn how to use Twitter. A bunch of "tweets" or a bunch of dinosaurs you decide ?


The Community Action Party Mayor would have had no more than 5 Assistants Mayors than the 13 Labour have allocated.


Mr Paul Massey volunteered his services to the Salford's Mayor and Ian Stewart kindly declined his offer and only this week Ian Stewart states in his column that he wants to work with people of "integrity........and credibility". I presume this rules Hazel Blears out ! And I ask the question in whose opinion so I say dont be disappointed if you are not considered or appointed by his Lordship as most will be his, Labours or the Council's cronies anyway.


Last weekend was the official diamond jubilee celebrations and despite the rights and wrongs of the hanger-ons and despite my beliefs on equality I really do believe our Queen Elizabeth has provided our country with value and long may she reign. The Diamond Jubilee celebrations were fabulous and I for one was proud of being British.

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