A Swinton mayor for Salford !!

Published on by mikemouldingcommunity-action

A directly-elected mayor for Salford and he or she lives in Swinton. How good would that scenario be for our town ?


Well, if you vote YES and Salford decides to have a directly-elected mayor system of local government on the 26th January 2012, it is not impossible to have a Swintonian or at least someone that lives in Swinton as the Mayor for the city of Salford !


True Swintonians have informed me about the deterioration of the town in recent years, especially since 1974 when Salford City Council took over responsibility of our town.


How great would it be then if somehow we could have a Swinton mayor for Salford ? Vote YES on the 26th January for a directly-elected mayor and your wish just may come true ! 

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