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Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor reveals his proud record in Preston in fighting for much cherished heritage sites and standing up to career politicians who fiddle the system !

The Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor Michael Moulding has a proud record for protecting the regions heritage. Michael Moulding also has a proud record for standing up to corrupt politicians.

Michael Moulding is a Proud Prestonian who now lives in Swinton, Salford. Mike Moulding says "I love Preston, I love Swinton and I love Salford too ! I am Lancastrian through and through !"

Mike is an immensely proud Prestonian and more so as this year is Preston Guild, a celebration of Preston, what it has to offer, its history and its people. Mike says "I love Preston, I always will. I take an avid interest in its affairs."

Mike Moulding today reveals that over a decade ago he was one of only four councillor's on Preston City Council that voted for the protection of Preston's magnificant and much treasured bus station (pictured right), the scene of "Preston Passion" recently screened on BBC 2 in the last few days.

Mike Moulding reveals that the country's largest landowner the Duke of Westminster (Grosvenor Estates) wanted to demolish Preston's historic building at the heart of Preston Town centre because of the amount of land it sits on for other regeneration purposes.

Some ten years later Mike Moulding says "I am extremely proud to say I defended for the retention of this fine building. English Heritage agreed it should have been listed to protect it from demolition and I was only one of four councillor's that argued its case. To see this fine heritage site in the heart of Preston still standing over a decade later is something I am very proud of."

But this story doesnt end here.

In fighting to preserve one of Preston's crown jewels, Mike Moulding confronted the Labour-controlled council and its leader who had clear interests in wanting this fine building demolished. Mike Moulding says "He had a clear interest which meant that he should have declared those interests and he failed to do so. The Labour Leader of Preston Council was investigated and found guilty of breaking the rules."

However, Mike Moulding reveals that in breaking the rules the Labour Leader of the Council was being protected in that even though he was found guilty the Council intended to keep his guilt top secret from the public. Until Mike Moulding stepped in that is.

Michael Moulding, Community Action Party candidate for Salford Mayor says "I leaked the report deliberately to the press. I admitted I had done it straight away and admitted I did it because it was in the public interest."

Mike reveals he did this knowing he would be breaking the rules also and would be sanctioned for it. "I took my punishment, was removed from all committee's as a result. I have no regrets. For me at the time it was Preston first. It was transparency first."

"when I say I will protect Salford's heritage, I will do so. When I say I will expose Salford's political fraudsters, I will do so. I have a proud record already of doing this."

Michael Moulding was a Preston councillor from 1998 to 2002.


Michael Moulding, 92 Wyndham Avenue, Clifton, M27 6PY 0161 7948483


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Anti-Politician 04/08/2012 13:15

You will need an army of investigators to expose the massive corruption and fraud in this rotton City. But it must be done .Corrupt politicians must be jailed.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 04/09/2012 15:13

I am the man for the job !