A personal message of support.

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Dear Michael,

Thank you for inviting us to the meeting with those lovely people. I'm sorry we couldn't get to the pub afterwards, we were booked for babysitting. I feel so worried about those lovely Unitarians - I pray they do not exhume the bodies.

It was good to meet Mr Cadman but he didn't remember me, how could he after all those years? I knew his younger brother, Geoffrey, but didn't know he died long ago.

You are doing a grand job Michael, Im so proud of you.

By the way, next to Swinton Cemetery (in Cemetery Road, Swinton) there is a very large field which I think is a cemetery extension. So our Unitarians could be buried there with fellow Swintonians. All our family graves are there. The Mayor didn't know this cemetery existed by the way, but surely that is where our Unitarians should be laid to rest.

The Mayor is going to pay a large amount of money (not his of course) to clean a dirty statue from the Boar war (in his Salford of course, not in Swinton) but what about the hero in the Unitarian burial ground - who is a fine Swintonian!

I shall treasure Lizzie Leeks history of the Swinton Unitarians. It brought back so many memories, especially when I read all the names of the people I remembered from childhood. Many thanks Lizzie you are a star. My Mum & Dad were caretakers and gravediggers there when I was very young and my Grandparents were Unitarians living in Granville St.

Once a year we went to Hucklow, Derbyshire as a childrens treat. It was marvellous and we walked into Tiideswell every day - this was all done at a very minimal cost. Everytime I go to Swintons Morrisons or Aldi I feel like crying when I pass that grassed over area where old friends and babies lie sleeping. They should never be disturbed. I hate what might be happening to them if Salford have their way.

Thank you again Michael.




A personal message of support. The contributor identity remained in confidence.

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