A New Dawn for Pendlebury !

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The Community Action Party to fight for Pendlebury !

The Community Action Party is proud to announce the candidature of Gillian Welsh to fight for the seat of Pendlebury in this years local elections.

Gillian is a proud grandmother of one and proud mother of two daughters. Gillian aged 50 has lived in Swinton & Pendlebury since 1969 and was educated at Adelphi House Grammar school in Salford.

Michael Moulding, the Community Action Party Mayoral candidate for Salford says "Gillian really cares about Swinton & Pendlebury. She cares passionately about our town and how in recent years she has become disappointed in many aspects of local life".

Gillian is currently the Vice-Chair of "Friends of Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground" where she has been campaigning to preserve a burial ground that contains a War Grave and victims of the Clifton Pit Disaster of 1885.

Gillian says "I am proud to be nominated by the Community Action Party. I want to make a difference to local life and Mike's determination to make a difference has given me the motivation to do my bit. I promise in the event I am elected to serve the interests of the residents of Pendlebury".

Leader of the Community Action Party Peter Franzen says "We are impressed by Gillian's determination to get things done."

Gillian Welsh candidature for Pendlebury is one of many seats the Community Action Party is standing in. END

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