A ghost town by Night ! A ghost city by Night !

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Has anyone noticed something about the city of Salford and the town of Swinton ? There isnt one night club in the city ?


How very sad that a city the size of Salford doesnt have a night time venue to entertain local people and our youth. Does Salford City Council lack the imagination to regenerate a city by bringing investment, jobs and to create a night time economy that has been created so successfully in Manchester ? Clearly, they do.


Even the town of Swinton has turned into a ghost town by night ! The Butchers Arms, The Pendlbury, Albert, Bowling Green,  Yates.....the list is endless all thriving venues to visit where our town actually attracted "tourists" to visit such venues from outside the town to come and entertain themselves here. All gone and how sad that on a Saturday night you cannot order a pint in a bar in the town after 11.00 pm at night !


Creating a night time economy as most cities enjoy and even towns for goodness sake creates jobs, brings tourists, provides services for local people, nightclubs for our youth, a thriving city and town of activity by night.


Only a few years ago I remember The Pendlebury and Albert having bouncers and the Top Rd was buzzing with activity and local people enjoying themselves and down in Swinton Town centre too.


Nothing that another supermarket cannot resolve,,,,,at least we can buy the cheap booze.......LOL oh thats coming to an end too when Labour controlled AGMA imposed their minimum pricing policy as part of their dictatorial way they want to interfere in the way we lead our lives.


I am coming to the conclusion the deadwood at Salford Council have to go because can things get any worse ? I am not too sure it can ! 

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Rob Harvey 03/11/2012 17:14

It could be argued that the smoking ban, the price of alcohol and the and the general degeneration of the area has contibuted, The whole are of Salford has no Night Venue .....unbeleivable.

mikemouldingcommunity-action 03/11/2012 18:32

Agreed Rob. Am sure the points you have raised have some effect but if Manchester has a thriving centre then why havnt we a comparable city in size and population ? Bad management by a Council
who are outdated has beens who are bringing the city down. No night time venue in the city at all is a disgrace. No wonder the city is suffering with people in charge with no imagination
whatsoever. :(