A directly-elected mayor will make our city much safer !

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A directly-elected mayor will make our city much safer. I truly believe this and I always have. This is one of the main reasons why I support this sytem of local government.


I have been the serious victim of anti-social behaviour in this city. We had the Salford riots and gun crime is on the increase in the city with the latest henious hate crime on Anuj Bidve.


The former Conservative government minister (one of few Conservative ministers I admire) Michael Heseltine when talking about the riots in Toxteth, Liverpool on a very recent BBC News programme said thats why he supports the mayoral system for all major cities. Michael Heseltine became known as the "Minister for merseyside" for standing by Liverpool after the riots when some other government ministers at the time wanted a "managed decline" of the area.


So I am in very good company in having this view.


A mayor is different. They are elected by the people for the people. A Mayor would have to be listened to, cannot be ignored and most importantly they are accountable directly to the people the mayor serves. If they fail we vote them out.


A Mayor would be seen, would be at the fore-front controlling events and would have a massive direct say in times of crisis for example future rioting.


As Councillor Owen, Leader of the Liberal Democrats in Salford said in his Advertiser blog in relation to the riots in Salford leading figures at the council were trying to play down events.


A good mayor will have his finger on the pulse, will be in direct contact with very senior people at Greater manchester Police and should speak out if the police are not doing their job effectively in the city to bring down crime and aid community safety in our city.


Recent henious crimes and the Salford riots brought our city shame and national ridicule. Everyone knows this. A Mayor would start to put this right, put in place proper strategies to make our community a safer place to bring down crime and gun crime in Salford because if they do not succeed we would vote them out.


Under the current system the leader of Salford City Council where crime and serious crime in Salford in 2011 has clearly increased and therefore hes failing and theres very little you can do about it because you do not elect him. Closed shop !


I want our city to be a much safer place for everyone and that is why I am putting so much energy into persuading people to vote YES on the 26th january.  

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