A Directly-elected Mayor & Council/Social Housing.

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A directly-elected mayor would be good for Council tenants and/or social housing tenants. Salford has a mixture of social housing in the city. West of Salford the main landlord is City West Housing Trust and in rest of Salford it is mainly Salix Homes (which is still council housing).


I believe in Council Housing. I have campaigned to Defend Council Housing and voted NO in the referendum to transfer our homes from Salford City Council to City West Housing Trust.


My reasons are many but in essance I believe in a safety net in housing where affordable housing is provided by your local council. If a Council loses its homes they find it more difficult to rehouse the homeless. The reason ? They have no homes and they have to rely on Housing Associations who have their own vested interests.


A directly-elected mayor would be good for Council tenants and housing association tenants in Salford. 


As a tenant my main concerns are 1) The ever increasing rental increases which seem unstoppable 2) The quality of my home.


A mayor would bring some democratic accountability back to Social Housing in Salford. An elected mayor elected by the people for the people would stand up to housing associations to keep them in check, enure they are not ripping their tenants off and would have to be listened to. An elected Mayor cannot be ignored. A good mayor would ensure rent increases are acceptable and not extortionate.


A Mayor would ensure rents are kept reasonable for all council and social housing tenants.


If they didnt they would be voted out !!!


At present, the Council doesnt have to do anything about housing now because they simply say its nowt to do with us ! I have heard some councillors say it with my own ears.


A directly-elected mayor would bring back some democratic accountability to social housing in Salford.



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