A city of Salford Mayor or a Greater Manchester Mayor ?

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So the town of Swinton is in the city of Salford ! Over recent weeks, months I have been shouting up for Swinton, its people and demanding mutual respect for the town. In doing so, does that make me anti-salford ?


Answer - No it does not !


During my campaigns to "Save Swinton" I have been name-called and vilified by some as though some how my campaign to "Save Swinton" was in fact anti-Salford. This is far from the truth. My argument has always been about mutual respect which I think was lacking from a few about Swinton, to Swinton and its townsfolk. That somehow by me standing up for Swinton was me being anti-salford.


I have made it clear on many occasions that the city of Salford could have had the best of both worlds where we have a Swinton and a Salford constituency but all remain in the city of Salford. That is what I supported. Hardly anti-Salford is it when the Boundary Commission wanted to abolish a Salford constituency altogether ?


Lets see then if in my campaigns I am fighting for Swinton does this make me anti-Salford ?


I have said in a previous blog, given the opportunity, I think Swinton people resonate with their roots as being part of Lancashire and given the choice, I think the majority of Swinton people would choose this.


We all know that this is never going to happen. Lancashire and its County Council ever since 1960's has been viciously attacked by consecutive governments ever since as being too big and powerful and reduced to the size it is today with my home city of Preston at its heart.


Salford people therefore are facing a choice in the next week or so. Whether the city of Salford is to have a directly-elected mayor or not ?


I am supporting the YES campaign because nomatter how poorly managed Salford City Council is at present, I dont believe what has happened to Swinton should now happen to the city of Salford.


Two wrongs do not make a right. If people say NO to a directly-elected mayor for the city of Salford, by saying NO we are paving the way for a Greater Manchester Mayor which will be imposed on Greater Manchester by the Labour establishment. We will then have a Greater Manchester Mayor - a mayor in all likelihood from manchester managing Salford services.


This is why I am supporting the concept of a directly-elected mayor for salford. A salford mayor running Salford services. I dont believe that that a city like Salford should be having its services managed from manchester or from a Greater Manchester mayor.


I fully believe that a directly-elected Mayor for Salford will strengthen the city and bring a sense of civic pride to the whole city which includes the town of Swinton. It would be nice to think in choosing its mayor on a periodical basis that any Mayor in future years will derive from outer townships too reminding us all that Salford does not stop at Irlam of the heights. In other words, that Salford people remember that Eccles is Salford, Swinton is Salford, Worsley is now Salford and this fact should be mutually respected and a Mayor elected by the people from an outer township is in fact a Salford Mayor too !

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