21st january 2012 - A day to remember

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Referendum day is fast approaching and The Mayoral Alliance (The Community Action Party & English Democrats NW) as we have done over many weeks went out with a tannoy system around the city to campaign for a directly elected mayor system of local government.


We had a team out distributing leaflets at Salford precinct in Labour's heartland whilst we went round with a tannoy system around the city.


Our first call Salford Precinct where we met our colleagues handing out hundreds of leaflets to shoppers at the precinct where even in Labour heartland we got a fantastic reception.


Whilst our team remained there we headed off to langworthy outside Hazel Blears office and The Langworthy Hotel, which is about to be demolished because of Salford Council, to let local people know how their money is being wasted to destroy Salfords heritage.


We then moved onto Eccles and didnt we have fun !


We parked our vehicle as near to the tram station we were permitted. I got out with a wireless microphone and Stephen remained in the car. Out inpublic like true soap box politics I bellowed as loud as I could to let people know how Salford Council wastes your money and lets our city down.


My good friend Steve Butters who has come up from London to help with the campaign distributed leaflets to Eccles people and Stephen Morris and I took turns to exercise our right of free speech and let rip.


Then what happened ? Barbara Keeley Labour MP for Worsley & Eccles South came storming over finger wagging at me and told her simply to go away. Obviously very upset we were campaigning on her patch she continued and I told her once more to go away or I was calling the police. She did. On her way back to where she came from, Stephen then reminded the people of Eccles her previous support for the directly-elected mayor system of local government.


We established later they were in fact out in Eccles too. To our amazement they were out in Eccles, Swinton & Salford and local people have told us they have not been seen in this way for many years.


Complimentary indeed to our campaign that has rattled them so much that they have to harrass our campaign so vociferously and campaign themselves because unlike in the past they can no longer rely on support because we have informed everyone how they reap the benefits personally of our money and how they have neglected our city, especially outer townships.


We moved onto Swinton where my campaigns are becoming widely known. We used the tannoy and distributed leaflets and as usual in Swinton we got a fabulous response from local people.


We then headed into Walkden the areas popular for the English Democrats, using the tannoy, distributing leaflets all around the precinct campaigning for a YES vote.


We then headed back to Eccles for a second round and back to Salford where I again got out into the street with the wireless microphone and walked around the precinct amongst the shoppers to tell them how incompetant their Council is.


A great day had by all. We know we making a massive impact getting even Labour MP's off their backsides to do some real campaigning for a change instead of taking Salford people for granted.


Thank you to my good friend Steve Butters for his help in what he must have thought was a very strange experience but even he did not think it could get that nasty. Of course The Mayoral Alliance already know how nasty it can get as we have already been vilified and ridiculed by our opponents Salford Labour.


"First they ignore you, then they mock you, then they fight, then you win!" Mahatma Gandhi  

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