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Mike Moulding Updated profile.

I am a local activist in the city of Salford, in particularly Swinton, Clifton & Pendlebury in the City of Salford. I am the Deputy Leader for the Community Action Party. I care passionately about local issues and have been active in the local area Swinton,...

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All things Salford - Article 2.

I want to start this weeks article by condemning the actions of Labour councillors on Salford City Council for their appalling actions and comments in relation to the planning application submitted for an Asda supermarket. Salford City Council's Planning...

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All things Salford - Article 1

I am starting this weeks article regarding the former Swinton Unitarian Burial Ground on Swinton Hall Rd, Swinton. 313 are resting in this small piece of Swinton which has significant importance not only to the town but to surviving relatives, some of...

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All things Salford - Weekly Column.

The Community Action Party in Salford will be doing a weekly column through the blog www.mikemouldingcommunity-action.over-blog.com ie this blog page about all things Salford. Many items of discussion may be in response to what is happening in the city...

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