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Asda Planning application - further update

A record of a telephone call with GVA dated 020212 In a lengthy telephone conversation with them today (GVA) the following was discussed :- The sign informing local people that the land is a burial ground was vandalised and removed many years ago and...

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asda planning application - Update

Dear Mr Michael Moulding Asda Supermarket development Swinton Shopping Centre Further to our telephone conversation of 13th January 2012, I have since been discussing the matter further with my client and with Asda Stores Limited and I thought you maybe...

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The Community Action Party - Manifesto !

THE COMMUNITY ACTION PARTY – BRINGING HONESTY AND INTEGRITY INTO POLITICS. The basis of the Community Action Party Manifesto is to develop and pursue a “Political Agenda” based on a consensus of informed public opinion, in an inclusive and honest manner....

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Recent Mud-Slinging

I knew at some stage that my political opponents would try to drag up anything they could about myself and my political past. I am not naive enough to think that at some stage this would not be brought out into the public domain in my recent activities...

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Press statement

Press Release Salford Mayoral Referendum Campaign - The Mayoral Alliance The Community Action Party & The English Democrats NW formed The Mayoral Alliance, to persuade the residents of the city of Salford, to change their system of local government which...

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The Mayoral Alliance

The Mayoral Alliance was formed to campaign once the referendum had been triggered for a directly-elected mayor and we became known as the "YES" team. A directly-elected mayor system of local government is a system of local government that I have passionately...

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